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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Favorites!: Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps (Tea Tree)

 I have incredibly sensitive skin that reacts differently to every product I put on it which is a wonderful genetic trait passed down from my families paternal side (I won’t name names..DAD) . As if the complexion gods weren’t smiling down on me quite cheesy and obnoxiously enough already I was also blessed with a combination of oily and dry skin. I was in my favorite aisle at the drugstore just browsing shampoos when I ran across the whole line of Dr. Bronner’s soaps. My eyes immediately gravitated towards the bar of soap that said “Tea Tree” and I was sold as quickly as I read the words. Tea tree usually did wonders for my skin. Moments later and five dollars lighter that wonderfully impulsive shopper’s intuition ended up paying off. This accurately named soap is gentle, refreshing and does not leave my skin dry or dull. Also, a huge advantage for me was that it has even helped with my complexion in the short time (2 weeks) I have been using it. I’m not saying my skin is quite perfect yet but thanks to Dr. Bronner's I'm sure soon enough I will be the one smiling cheesy and obnoxiously.

As if Dr. Bronner's products weren't fabulous enough already they are also multipurpose allowing you to use their liquid soaps for everything from detergent to toothpaste! Plus, for those of you who are like me and are looking for eco-friendly products, Dr. Bronner's is now "certified under the USDA National Organic Program as well as Fair Trade under IMO's 'Fair for Life ' program" according to their website. 

Check out more from Dr.Bronner's line of products on their website: here. 
(photo credit: Dr. Bronner's website)

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  1. So beneficial for this one.nice product i have continuously using this in my daily life.
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