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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Forgotten Wardrobe

              If you’re like me you only wear about fifty percent of the clothes that you own and recycle the same outfits to the point of boredom and a need of a shopping trip. The rest of your wardrobe you mentally catalog and convince yourself that if you ultimately gave or threw away those once loved, now 'tossed to the back of the closet' pieces of clothing they will inevitably become the perfect assemble for some unknown future event. I have a such a huge problem with parting from clothes that I have decided to challenge myself to wear every piece of clothing I own once before I either purchase a new article of clothing or do my laundry (while this may seem unhygienic , this is the only way that I will force myself to stick to the one wear only rule). 

              My only provision is that this challenge does not count for undergarments. As much as I dream of having my dresser drawers stocked like the backroom of a Victoria Secret alas I do not have enough underwear and bras to last me through every other piece of clothing that I own. This is a challenge I have bestowed upon myself to not only truly see what I need to finally divorce myself from but also to force myself to get more creative with my outfits, accessories and styling as well as save myself some money along the way. I will start posting pictures once I get past my favorite outfits and to the dark corners of my closet also known as the island of forgotten clothes.

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