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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nostalgia, Art Walk and a Masquerade Party

After spending Friday job hunting and thrift shopping for our Etsy I was really excited to just relax and visit with some family.

 My parents and I drove out to visit my grandma and bring her dinner. We ended up spending the majority of the evening looking at old photographs and listening to her recall stories of her youth. I felt giddy and nostalgic looking at her pictures from the 1930s,40s, and 50s. They included pictures of her friends in high school, their parties, my grandpa's WW2 photographs, and my grandma's old restaurant. 

My favorite ones though were pictures of my grandma and grandpa's journey of love and starting a family. 
I could listen to people's "how we met/fell in love" stories forever. 

Below is a picture of my grandma's dining room table. It just made me smile. 

After my grandmother's house, my friend Andrew and myself decided to make a trek down to First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix hoping to not get caught in the rain before we saw some galleries and visited a few booths. I only got to snap a few pictures before we were making a run for it back to the car. 

This was done out of colored dried frosting..crazy! 

 I love glass blown...anything, really especially if it's colorful and whimsical. I want to someday take a class.Marking that down on the life list.  

 Overheard the artist telling a couple: "If you like Hitler, I'm out of prints right now but I can special order some".
Andrew and I before actually seeing the Hitler painting: ".....?!?!"

First sign of Christmas! eeee!

Saturday was spent getting ready for Andrew's Masquerade party at our house to celebrate his 25th birthday. 

The Birthday Boy, Andrew. Welcome to your Mid-Twenties! 
I tried to wear Ricky's hat for the picture but it was just slightly too big for my head. oops!

Taken one second after Anthony pinched Sam's butt. This is why candid pictures are the best!

Matt and Leah looking stylish and adorable per usual

The traditional "boys" picture

The traditional "girls" picture minus quite a few of the girls

Ahh the Santa hat on Grant makes me so happy! 

Bekah and Sammy- you girls keep me young 

We had a full house of people that made for a crazy night of copious amounts of dancing and flip cup tournaments, laughter and new friendships (and a hatchet thrown in our pool?! but that's for another time..but seriously, what?).

Here is just a taste of the night's happenings...

**The awesome backdrop for the pictures was from the brain of/put up by our good friend Tiffany over at Kitten Paws Vintage**


  1. This party was so much fun. Also, that dress looked killer on you Lindsey!

  2. I need to scour your lil shop on my next paycheck miss Tiffany! You always have the best vintage finds!

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