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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Style Watch: My Favorite Fall Trends!

As October went zooming by and as we officially enter into November, it is finally (FINALLY!!!) starting to feel like Fall in Arizona which means stores are currently stocking up on cardigans, leggings and boots...mmm fall love! Aside from those staples of autumn fashion, here are a few trends I'm currently loving..

Usually reserved for little boys or men attending black tie events, I'm currently loving the bow tie for women!

 How cute is this? She looks like a chic Mary Poppins!

(photo credit: first three pictures from unknown source, last picture of Lindsey from Phx Fashion Week)

Another staple of male fashion that I'm currently digging for women is suspenders:

 Suspenders AND bow tie? Ahhyeahhhh


I know its totally 80s and doesn't follow the typical "fall color combinations" (we don't really follow those rules anyway) but I can't help but love scouring Ebay and Etsy for color block clothes/shoes/anything really. How fun are these?

 I basically want this exact outfit. Please? Ok

(photo credit: sources unknown. If you know the source, let us know. We will happily credit them)


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