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Friday, November 4, 2011

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

Only five more days until my roomies, our good friend Megan and myself are headed to the Big Apple for some autumn awesomeness in the Big City. I can hardly contain myself! Just thinking about it sets my stomach in to a butterfly mess of excitement. I have been to New York twice before but not since I've turned twenty one and now being in my mid twenties its time to go back and live up the night life of NYC with some of my dearest (see: crazy) friends. Plus, it's a place I have always dreamed of living and hope to get there someday( heres to hopin, wishin, and prayin it's before I turn 30!) and I'd like to see how my dream fits with my personality and spirit in reality.

I've done all the tourist-y/time square stuff with my family back in the day so I'm really ready to venture off and get down with the locals (after having a picnic in central park and seeing Carrie Bradshaw's stoop of course..got to have little tourist-y fun!).

(photo credit: Samantha's photos from her NYC trip in August)

I CANNOT wait to explore, thrift, eat, drink, meet people and give my dance shoes a much needed night out on the town.

Any local recommendations for food, fun,shopping, dancing, drinks?

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