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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Blogger & Long Post

My oh my, haven't I been a bad lil blogger!

Here is the place that I solemnly swear to be a better blogger (at least 3 a week!) AND that this will be a long post (my apologies)

Let's take it back about two (and a half) weeks...
Right up to New Year's Eve where my friends and myself rang in the new year for 
the second year in a row at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess.
If you're not from the area, just know this place is 
a beautiful resort and throws a mighty good party too I might add

My favorite siblings: Ricky and Leah

Andrew and I

Not really sure what's happening here but me and my ladies: Leah and Sam

The boys!

Literally ten seconds before midnight..
Me and my lil Court court. She came all the way from San Fran and I miss her already!

To sum it up: I could not have asked for a better way to bring in the new year with old friends.

The day after New Year's I started my brand new spankin event job that I mentioned here!
I'm still a little hesitant to say what event/company I'm working for because you never know how employers will find you! I will post pictures of the event once it comes to fruition though.
Needless to say, I love it. Some days, I feel like I'm way over my head and I'm just a befuddled, confused mess and other days I feel like I'm totally on my game and rockin it.
All you can really ask for is that the "rockin it" days outnumber the befuddled days.

As I may or may not have mentioned Sam and I have a third roommate, Annie. Or should say had. After almost two years of living with Sam and I in our little three bedroom Tempe home she unfortunately had to move out. So in light of the new year  and new beginnings we also have a newer third roommate, who from here on out will be referred to as St. Louis. St. Louis also came as a package deal which included the sweetest darn dog west of the Mississippi, Goose. Goose looks like the dog from "The Mask" and I'm sure photos will be coming soon and often.

I'm admittedly pretty obsessed.

Lastly, in my stupidly late new year's post..
Instead of New Year's Resolutions
Sam and I made "12 goals for 2012" list's

Sam's List:
1. Watch all Tyler Perry Movies 2. Plan for New York Move 3. Read More
4. Have more themed parties
5. Work on Forgiving people 6. Challenge my photography
7. See the Avett Brothers on New Year's Eve
8. Leave a nice waiter a BIG tip
9. Send out Christmas Cards 10. Get a Tattoo
11. Be open to loving someone the way I did when I was 18
12. Dance without being insecure...SOBER

My (Lindsey's) List
1. Visit NYC again
2. Save $2500 for NYC move
3.Read/Finish seven books 4. Visit Courtney in San Fran
5. Finish and put on Play
6. Be active. everyday
7. Lock down event job. full time
8. Get a tattoo
9. Go to more plays (at least five.) 10. Take a creative class
11. Have frequent small get togethers
12. Be more open. attentive. forgiving.

But more on those later...
If you made it to the end..I CONGRATULATE YOU!!



  1. Great post and goals for the new year! One thing I'd like to see on your bloggie for the new year is more awesome DIYs...not that you asked hah but the last ones you did were pretty rad! :-)

  2. I'm really glad you said that about the DIY projects because I really enjoyed doing them :) I'll have to get back to those..