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Saturday, January 21, 2012

STYLE WATCH: Spring Trends- Prints&Patterns

If this month is any indication of the next year, this year is going to fly by in a minute! 
I feel like it was just yesterday I was thinking about my own personal favorite trends for fall  (here ) and now it's already time to gear up for Spring (in Arizona anyway..I'm sorry for any Easterners brrrr! I'm sending warmth from Tempe your way!)

It's funny because if you read my favorite fall trends, I mentioned color blocking which is now according to Glamour.com a very popular Spring 2012 Trend. 

Weird, huh? I guess I was too early to the party on that one.

But anyway, onto what I've been/will be digging this Spring from either my own collection or street fashion..

1. Mismatched Patterns

The other day, I literally had nothing to wear so I threw on a long striped black and white shirt and belted it with a black and white animal print belt. My mother would have cringed at me but I got more compliments on it than when I actually try. Anyway, here is a loud and proud declaration to wear those mismatched patterns with gusto!
(...Sorry Mom)

2. "Geo" and "Tribal" print..anything.

I posted a few examples below of items that display these types of patterns. I included a few from some online stores in case you're interested in checking them out. 

(photo sources:unknown)

(photo source: http://www.shopakira.com)

 (photo credit: http://www.forever21.com)

(photo credit unknown)

I want these boots so bad it hurts. 
(photo credit: http://www.stevemadden.com)

 If you know me in person, there is a good chance you know I'm a BIG Steve Madden Fan but I still haven't made my mind up on these ones yet..

(photo credit: www.stevemadden.com)

3. Bright Colors

Okay, this is an oldie for Spring time but there is a reason it's a trend year after year. 
Bright colors are fun. Simple as that. 
So add a little bling to brighten up your day every time you look down with a bright, colorful ring..
(photo source: unknown)

Or, maybe a little color to your work day?

(photo source: http://www.hm.com)
Love this blazer. Love this skirt. Love this whole outfit. 

Completely unrelated note: When do I get paid again?

What are your favorite Spring Trends?


  1. uh, those navajo print shorts are amazing!

    1. aren't they! I love them! here is the full link if you're interested in snagging them off the internet: