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Saturday, January 28, 2012

SATURDAY DIY: Paper Pinwheel Flower Bouquet

Happy Saturday!
One of my favorite people, Tiffany, from one of my favorite Etsy stores and blogs ( Kitten Paws Vintage), suggested we start doing more DIY projects again and I'm more than happy to oblige! 

I figured since it's (almost) spring and these are all the rage at weddings right now I'd do the Paper Pinwheel Flower Bouquet.
This project is SUPER easy and is the perfect gift if you're looking for something sweet but unconventional.
Also, another upside is they won't wither and die in three days! ZING!

First, collect colored paper or appropriately themed paper
Next, collect your supplies: 1. Brads (I got mine at the local craft store) 2. Plant stakes (local craft store) 3. Scissors 4. Hot glue (optional) 5. Not Pictured: Hole Punch (optional)

Let's get down to crafting! Cut the paper into a square. It can be either 2x2in, 3x3in, etc. For this project I did 2x2in but most people prefer 3x3in. 

Fold the paper corner to corner, and then again (with the opposite corners) corner to corner til it looks like the picture below:

When you unfold it, it should have folds in the paper that look like below as a cutting guide. Next, use your scissors and cut each fold 1/2 to the middle. 

Once you've made your cuts, it should look like the picture below

Next, use the hole punch or scissors to make a small hole in the left side of each triangle and one in the middle  of the square
Next, pull each corner with the hole in it towards the middle and put the brad through it: as shown below

After, you've put the brad through each of the holes in the triangles, push it through the hole in the middle of the pinwheel to fasten it. 

Next, place the plant stack against the back of the brad

Then, fold the back of the brad over the plant stack to secure it. (use hot glue if you feel it needs extra securing!)


Here is a bouquet of these I made back in August for one of my best friends birthdays with some lollipops thrown in:

Now onto a photoshoot for the Etsy Store.
I hope whatever your Saturday holds it's equal parts relaxing and fun!

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