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Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY: Yarn Mache Art

If you haven't fallen into a deep obsession yet over pinterest, now is the time! This totally obsess-worthy site shows the sheer magnitude of how creative people are and it blows my mind! I have spent a few (...) hours past my normal bedtime lately lurking through and dreaming about all the cute projects I could someday make if I only had a hypothetical this or that. I, however, stumbled upon one colorful yarn project that caught my eye and used things that most people have around their house!

First, gather your supplies:
Elmers Glue
Plastic Tupperware/Bowl
A paintbrush/ something to use to spread the glue
 Yarn in your favorite colors

Next, blow up the balloon to a small/medium size. It's up to your discretion how big you want your yarn art to be!

Next, mix the water and the glue in your plastic bowl or tupperware to a watered down soupy consistency (Half Water, Half Glue)

Next, start wrapping up the balloon in all directions til the balloon is mostly covered (don't use individual strips of yarn, I have found that it works best if it is one long piece). Make sure to pull the yarn tight around so that pieces do not become loose once you start applying the glue.

After you have made sure that all the yarn is covered in the watery glue find a place to hang up the balloons so that they can dry without being disturbed.

Once the yarn has dried (usually overnight), go ahead and pop the balloon with a needle and pull the balloon through one of the holes of the yarn. WARNING: Below is what happens when you do not cover all the yarn in glue or if you pop the balloon before the yarn has dried.

This is an example of what they are supposed to look like if you follow all of the steps!

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

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