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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Lush's Caca Marron Henna Hair Dye

In my past life (read: the college years) I used to dye my hair whenever the mood struck or my level of boredom increased which created some interesting youthful memories of my hair being colors such as blue, pink, purple, black, bleach blonde and even an unfortunate dye job gone bad that turned my hair not in the least bit flattering grey. After the 10 hour day I spent in a salon chair stripping my hair of the black I so impulsively put in, I decided to leave it alone for at least a year and give my hair a chance to get healthy. However, lately my hair has started to look rather bland and in need of a fresh look for Fall. After talking to a Lush representative and them putting all my past "will it dry out/damage/ruin/kill my hair" fears to rest, they talked me into trying their Caca Marron Henna Hair Dye. This hair dye is 100% natural and the best news is it won't damage my hair!!

Below is the color of my hair at the beginning of the day, pre-dye job. It is a light brown with natural highlights from the Arizona sun

The Henna Hair Dye comes in six squares. I used five of them and kept one left over for touch-ups on a later date.

Next, I melted up the squares with water and some black tea (as suggested by the Lush employee) til it was the consistency of brownie batter as I was told to do.

Next, I put on my rubber gloves and started covering my hair. It was definitely a different experience than applying normal hair dye. I felt like I was putting mud all over my hair but the upside is that it felt like a spa treatment since the "batter" was still very warm. (please excuse the blurry picture, I was alone during the color treatment process :D )

Once my whole head was covered, I twisted it up into a shower cap and wrapped a head scarf over to make sure it stayed in place. After five hours I washed it out (this is the only real downside to this product; It takes a long time to set. Usually between 2-6 hours). I would definitely recommend having a comb handy in the shower as it helps get all the little dried henna pieces out.

I dried my hair and below is the final product. I absolutely LOVE the way that it came out. My hair feels healthy and the color looks really natural. I was also told the color would only become richer in the next couple of days.

My new Fall look for October!

Check out Lush's website for their other Henna Hair Dyes and other great all natural products!


  1. My natural color looks a lot like your results, and I have vowed to never again dye my hair until I start turning white. Here's hoping this product is still around when that time comes!

  2. You're lucky to have that as your natural hair color! I absolutely love it but for now mine comes out of a bottle, or I should now say, henna squares, ha!