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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week

Last Saturday night, I was looking forward to a date with my couch, ANOTHER wonderfully bad Tyler Perry movie (don't judge me) and a ridiculous amount of cheese and or wine. Yes, wine and cheese are interchangeable in my life and I prefer them both in the amount of "ridiculous." Around 2 o clock on Saturday, Lindsey got word that our good friend Tiffany (over at Kitten Paws Vintage!) and her friend Anya had two extra tickets to the final night of runway shows at Phoenix Fashion Week in Scottsdale. Tyler Perry would have to wait. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from it all, but there was a lot to take in. What was it like, you ask? There were lots of good looking people, even better looking outfits, LOTS of people in silver sequined hats (okay just one guy...apparently he was kind of a big deal..), and a lot of things that would inspire anyone that had ever so much as thought about picking up a sewing needle. Also, tall girls everywhere-something that made me feel incredibly happy, even if their waists were more like the size of my left pinky toe than my waist. You tall girls out there know what I'm saying.

Some of the designers were incredible-inspired by things delicate, whimsical, simple, elegant, extravagant, fluffy, bright, victorian-all things we love at Purple Party Shoes.

Others were not as impressive- Lindsey and I had exchanged some "don't they sell that at Target (Hey! There's nothing wrong with Target, but you know what I mean)?"looks. Overall, there were many more "don't they sell that at some store that I can't afford?"looks. I think the ultimate goal is to make or own something that looks like it was made at a store you can't afford but that you got at Target. Or K-Mart. or the Swap Meet. Just sayin'. 

We were like little girls in a candy store. Mesmerized by the experience, the people, and how much we felt like were on the set of Sex and the City. And we ALL know how we feel about that show. We left  Phoenix Fashion Week with big grins on our faces and hearts full of inspiration. 

Thank you Phoenix, Fashion and Tyler Perry.

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